New Mattress!

Chris has been joking and complaining about how hard our bed is forever. Our mattress is a hard old cheap futon mattress, which I find comfortable but Chris does not. He’s been saying for a while that we should get a new mattress, but I refused to budge. I figured our mattress was just fine and he was just being a total Princess-And-The-Pea.

However, he’s been complaining lately about his back hurting in the morning. And I’ve gotten in the habit to sleep on my stomach for the past couple of year which I think may be contributing to my ever-worsening dark circles under my eyes, and I probably unconsciously choose to sleep on my stomach because it hurts my back less. So I figured it was time to take Chris’s complaints seriously. We needed a better bed.

Finally, we went out mattress shopping this morning. We spent maybe 3 hours shopping (between Macy’s and Sears), probably an hour of which was spent entirely on a Sealy pillowtop mattress. It was THAT comfortable. Thankfully the sales lady was nice enough to applaud our trying-it-out stamina. We layed down on it, we read reviews from our phones on it, and we almost fell asleep on it (just kidding! but not really)… And we bought it!

We should be receiving it next Saturday. It is going to be a loooong week waiting for it! Our futon mattress which was fine until this morning now seems awfully inadequate in comparison. Chris says he wants to sleep on the couch until next Saturday. No one wants to sleep on the futon mattress anymore, now that we’ve gotten a taste of the good stuff.

Have a good Saturday! Our one task for this weekend was to buy a mattress, so now we can enjoy the rest of our weekend right and proper… i.e. play video games (I think I’m addicted to Halo). Tomorrow is the Big Dog parade. Every year we seem to miss it, but we’re going tomorrow! It is a parade sponsored by the company Big Dog, and from what I heard every one who owns a dog in town dresses up their dogs in silly costumes (and sometimes themselves too) and parades! It should look something like this (pictures found online from last year’s parade):

2 thoughts on “New Mattress!

  1. (A) I can’t believe you live that long on a futon. I never figured out how you an even find this comfortable. Chris isn’t a sissy. He just have 10x my patience (100x yours).

    (B) Darker circles under eyes is lack of sleep. Whatever the reasons are!

    (C) Do you mind if I join you guys to see the parade ? What time is it ? It is kind of boring here. I am going to bike in the morning but should be done by noon.

  2. Aww man!!! I was looking to see at what time the parade started and it says it is canceled this year! What happened is that I get a newsletter email every day from Edhat (a local community news blog type of thing) , and one of the highlights said “Dog Parade This Sunday”. Turns out in the full article they explained that the official “Big Dog parade” was canceled this year, due the financial difficulties from Big Dogs.

    BUT Edhat teamed up with the “State Street Mile Run” happening this Sunday, to make some combined Run-Or-Walk-Down-State-Street-With-Or-Without-Your-Dog event. So technically dogs can still parade if they want to, even without the official parade.

    Anyway, so maybe not as fun, and maybe not as organized, and I don’t know at what time it happens, but you’re more than welcome to SB if you’re bored 🙂

    Oh, and I’ve researched dark circles, they can have multiple causes other than fatigue, for example heredity, allergies, anemia, and bad circulation!

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