Thumbs up!

I was up until midnight because of work, which (on the bright side of things) gives us a legit excuse to go into later this morning. Unfortunately my internal clock is set to 6AM so I won’t be catching up on Z’s, but I might as well enjoy the freebie and blog before work!

On Monday we cleaned! Yes, it’s unbelievable but true! Our living room now looks like a living room again, and it’s so pretty with the new color! I have yet to take pictures, sorry. I’ll try to put some up this weekend.

Since we decided to keep the SuperMario stickers down for a while, now the area over the TV looks empty again. We need some sort of art up to fill the void. Of course, I’ll take the oppotunity to make the art myself, and I found the perfect images online that I want to draw with coloring pencils. I hope it will turn out looking ok. I already got started, so I’ll have to put up some pictures of that too!

Ugh, I’ve been online for 5 minutes and already people are chatting up with me! My boss is telling me to go back to bed, and my cousin Isabelle is looking at dates for coming to California this summer! I better write quickly before they steal away all my attention.

Our trip to Fry’s, Olive Garden, and Target on Sunday night was good. A little too good. Chris only wanted a couple of cables from Fry’s. I also got my own XBOX controller to play Halo with Chris and his dad (we only had one controller). Chris’s controller is the plain normal white one. Mine is RED! My controller kicks butt, which is specifically what I can’t seem to do in Halo. I shoot at the air. I shoot the floor. I shoot plants. People though, I miss them.

You know what’s annoying? I find myself giving people thumbs up lately. I can’t seem to be able to say “oh great” at work without throwing a thumbs up in there. And I don’t like it! Everytime I do a thumbs up, I think “what?! what is my thumb doing? How did this happen?! Gosh, I look so stupid giving people thumbs up!” I hope this new habit dies quickly! It’s out of control.

Ok, time to get ready for work! Have a good day!


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