Sonic Boom

So this morning we were in bed watching Mythbusters (because, as I have already mentioned, we live in our bedroom now) when we hear 2 large bangs. It sounded like someone was banging on the door really hard. Like hard enough to shake the whole wall. But there was no one at the door. Next logical explanation, could it have been an earthquake? It didn’t feel like an earthquake, but what else could it be? I checked online, no earthquakes today. Hum, weird.

As it turns out, it was the Atlantis space shuttle landing causing a double sonic boom! (Don’t ask me why the first article when googling “Atlantis landing sonic boom” was something from an Irish newspaper… but oh well, good enough.)

So there you have it, I’ve experienced an earthquake while living in Thousand Oaks, a tornado while in Ventura, and now a sonic boom while in Santa Barbara. California is a wild state!

Oh, and I need to declare a Buzz injustice! Chris and I have been playing a lot of Buzz (the trivia quiz video game) in the past 2 days. On one question, only the fastest correct answer would receive points, and Chris and I both answered correctly at the exact same time (0.34 seconds) and the game gave him the points and not me!!! What the heck?!?! Either he answered faster than me by a thousanth of a second and the screen only shows answer time rounded up to one hundreth of a second accuracy, or the machine actually only measures in hundreths and picked randomly who would win the tie. I’m so mad! Who programmed this game?! I request a tie breaker!

This morning we already walked to the mission to watch people get setup to continue their chalk drawings, did some grocery shopping (I wanted some jasmine green tea from Trader Joe’s, which they were out of, darn it!), watched one episode of Mythbusters (learned that non-dairy creamer is highly flammable – good to know), played one round of Buzz, and that’s it. Chris needs to go to Fry’s in Oxnard to buy some electronic stuff, so we’ll also fit in a trip to Target and a dinner at Olive Garden while we’re down there. Every time we go to Olive Garden we eat too much, so this time we are (a) eating less today to compensate and (b) eating only appertizer, salad, and bread and taking the pasta to go (seriously, I’m not going to eat more than 2 bites of it! A promise to myself!).

Have a good Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Sonic Boom

  1. We heard the shuttle too. I should check the exact trajectory to see who got the biggest bang! bang!.

    I just came back from a bike ride, went through Hidden Valley.

    Have a good shopping at Fry’s.

  2. I must be getting old, sonic booms registered thoughts of my living in Toledo back in the mid 50’s. There was a National Guard air force base at the Toledo airport. Sonic booms were not a common item back then and some people had no idea what a sonic boom was. It was on a Sat. or Sun. late morning when several of them hit. I was outside. It was really loud. I remember my dad jumped and swearing. A few moments later people came running out of their homes most of them thinking it was a gas explosion in someones home on the neighborhood block. People were running to the street corners to see if anything happen on the other blocks. A newspaper writer two house down from us ended up calling his newspaper to get any info. about the noise. Several hours later it was confirmed that it was a sonic boom.

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