Zenification And Other Made-Up Words

Hi folks!

We are back in Santa Barbara after a weekend in Thousand Oaks, and it was surprising how much Santa Barbara had changed over the weekend. On Friday, we left a 100 degrees flaming inferno and came back Sunday morning to a cool misty 65 degree haven.

Anyway, I promised you updates about my zenification (yes, I’m having a fun time making up zen words… It’s zentastic!). Anyway, it’s going great! I’ve been taking a few pictures, to prove to you my progress.


After (my first instinct was to go out and buy a big container with drawers for this mess, but genius that I am I decided to re-use empty tea tin cans):

Before (notice the middle section where everything is piled up):

After (just work-out clothes and gym bag):

Before (this stuff is behind my jeans and frequently used sweatshirts, which I go as 2 additional piles in front of this):

After (now there’s almost nothing in the back, just a few shorts for summer, scrap clothes for painting, and backpacks which were always on the floor!):

Next, I’m attacking the bathroom! I need to throw away old make-up, soaps and lotions I didn’t like, and expired over-the-counter drugs. You know, like that 100-count bottle of Ibuprofen that was only $1 more than the 25-count eventhough I really only use like 3 a year so now it’s expired and there’s still 96 of them in there?!

Chris is doing the dishes right now and listening to French lessons on his iPhone. I am spending a little bit of time getting back into japanese. Do you think Chris and I can finally take the time, patience, and commitment to talk to each other in something other than common denominator English so that we can finally learn each other’s foreign languages? Oui! Hai so desu!


One thought on “Zenification And Other Made-Up Words

  1. Chris, repeat after me.

    Trois gros rats gris trotinaient sur le trotoir grimançant en repensant aux chemises sèches, archi-sèches de la duchesse.

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