Catching up

I know, I know, it’s been a really long time! But I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks. You want the proof?

Let’s start on Monday the 6th: Shopping in Ventura with my mom.

Tuesday: Yoga.

Wednesday: Band.

Thursday: Chipotle with Justin and Ryan.

Friday: was supposed to do Yoga, but I got out of work late.

Saturday-Sunday: Easter at my parents.

This week. Monday: Out of work late.

Tuesday: Yoga.

Wednesday: Saxophone sectional (all saxes practice with conductor one hour before band practice) + band

Thursday: Haircut! (I asked “a little shorter than last time”… it is ridiculously short, sigh)

Friday (Yesterday): Yoga (my shoulder are so sore this morning, darn that 2 hour class)

So there you have it, the reason why I couldn’t blog for 2 weeks. But I do have some news saved up for you. First of all, there’s a movie filming in Santa Barbara lately, local newspaper report seeing lots of Christmas trees being put up at the De La Guerra Plaza and Meryl Streep was spotted. Possibly a movie for the next holiday season??

Second, last Tuesday Chris got a flat tire. Luckily it happened in the parking lot at his work, so not too bad!! He got help from the mechanics next door of WorldViz to help him loosen up the rusty bolt holding the spare tire in, then replaced all tires Wednesday morning.

Third, what is up with those turtles?! Here’s a recap of the selections:

Took: Seabiscuit

Dave: Grembo Jones

Molly/Jill: Nightswimmer

Alain: Cali

Marie: Nueva Esperanza

Chris: Backspacer

Ariane: Wawa Bear

Philippe: Billy

So far Billly (Philippe) is technically the closest to the finish line, Nightswimmer (J&M) and Seabiscuit (Took) are very close and well lined-up, Backspacer (Chris) is making a surprising comeback, Nueva Esperanza (Marie) and Wawa Bear (Ariane) are taking the long way (I’m still betting they are just well educated about water currents) and Cali (Alain) is drunk and swimming in circles like a one-legged duck. Oh, I forgot Grembo Jones (Dave) who is far far behind 😦

Anyway, I think this weekend will consist of: NOTHING. There’s been lots of running around in the last two weeks and I feel I’ve been getting almost-sick. Is it allergies or am I fighting off a cold? I won’t take any chances, and rest lots just in case! Chris will too. On the schedule is lots of reading, maybe watching a little bit of TV, some video game playing, and – of course – napping. I was thinking a nice walk to the beach or at the zoo would be relaxing, but Chris was outside all day yesterday collecting data, now he’s red like a cherry Skittle. Guess we’ll be staying indoors this weekend?!

Oh, Chris just started picking up around the apartment! What, this isn’t part of the plan!! NO picking up, it’s the NOTHING weekend!! I better go tell him to stop before I start looking lazy in comparison.


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