Iron Man & Pepper Potts

It occured to me that reporting Chris doesn’t read this blog might leave you a negative impression. Doesn’t he care?

Chris is Tony Stark. Minus the drinking problem. The man works. He studies and earns a living like the rest of us, but while we spend our free time playing music, hanging out with friends, or catching up with family, he spends his trying to solve the next problem. He trusts Pepper Potts to take care of real-world things while he builds the future of technology and fights crime in a spiffy metal suit.

So while he does not come here, he cares. Please continue to address me as you would us, because I am not writing alone. I am writing on behalf of both of us. It just so happens that one of us is trying to solve world hunger or Fermat’s last theorem, while the other is free to type.

(And just to defend my own self-worth, I am not just his secretary. I totally solved one of the programming bugs the other day! Take that Pepper Potts!)

That being said, I really am writing alone today šŸ˜› Chris is at school. But I swear he usually participates in the blogging process by giving me ideas about what to write! He had to go to school today, I think partially because he had to work with someone else, and partially because his laptop is still broken. The Apple-certified “Mac Shack” store here in Goleta told him that his specific problem was not covered by Apple’s Nvidia debacle “making-it-up-to-you” warranty-defying refund plan. Regardless, we might take it down to the Simi Valley Apple store anyway to double check that, because from Chris’ comments it sounds like the Mac Shack was less than friendly. In the mean time (or possibly forever if his laptop is permanently out of order), he can use my new laptop that I bought in September, but he just doesn’t have his environment all setup on it yet.

I am off to go enjoy the second half of my time home alone – because it rarely happens that I am home alone, I must take full advantage of it by watching Grey’s Anatomy on the big TV while painting my nails and eating cookies for lunch. I may finish it off by dancing in my living room to Christina Aguilera. I may even sing along until the cats (or the neighbors) cry for mercy. I did the dishes this morning, so there, I’m not completely useless!


4 thoughts on “Iron Man & Pepper Potts

  1. Iron Man & Pepper Potts…. Geez, this image will stuck in my mind for quite a while. Have a good alone Sunday. I am biking off to the beach this morning and we will lunch at Little Sycamore on the beach and then head to Zuma beach for a long walk. Beats Grey’s anatomy hands down.

  2. Hum!…
    didn’t sound like a compliment…but it is!
    Let me explain; comic strips and horoscope are the only thing that make me smile when I read the newspapers. Life is good when you take the time to smile and to laugh.
    You’re doing a good job Ariane, for yourself and for the people around you!

  3. Ariane and Chris,
    Addressing both as usual! Hope you had a good time with dancing, cookies, Grey’s Anatomy and your nails! You need to write a book of memoirs! You have a way of expressing yourself that puts the reader in the living room watching the tube,eating cookies (not taking your GS cookies) and enjoying the day with you! We are really enjoying your blog! Love from Ohio

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